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Volume 2 Issue 4

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Title : Knowledge Transfer for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Authors : Linda Khaled Al Hassan

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As of late there has been a noteworthy course in regarding knowledge as an authoritative advantage. Writing recommends that if appropriately oversaw, knowledge can be significant to create hierarchical quality and development. Scientists and specialists have distinguished knowledge transfer inside of an association as a vital procedure. They propose that Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery assume a focal part in an associations knowledge transfer. On the other hand, there is a sure hazard connected with giving knowledge transfer (KT) an entirely mechanical methodology, as it is not the Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery arrangements that make esteem, it is still the clients. We in this manner needed to see how diverse Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery influence the correspondence of knowledge from an employee’s point of view. To expand this issue we directed a few subjective meetings inside of a knowledge serious organization. We found that apparent engaging quality of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery in supporting knowledge transfer depends on attributes of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery as well as to an incredible arrangement on the kind of knowledge that is to be transferred and also employment and errand specific.


Title : Comment on Optical Methods in Blood Studies Upon Evaluation of Severity Rate of Diffuse Liver Pathology

Authors : Kruchinina M., Voevoda M., Peltek S., Kurilovich S., Gromov A., Kruchinin V., Rykhlitsky S., Volodin V., Generalov V., Shuvalov G.

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Paper Increase in efficacy rate of early diagnosis of fibrotic changes in the liver remains to be the burning issue in modern hepatology as it is difficult to diagnose the early stage of fibrosis due to its asymptomatic course.  Progression of fibrosis in 60-80% of cases results in diagnosis of the disease at the stage of liver cirrhosis. This results in the increased rates of hospitalization, invalidity and mortality as well as economic losses due to therapy of liver cirrhosis and its complications including liver transplantation. The degree of fibrosis and its progression rate predetermine prognosis of the disease and the choice of therapy. Specification of the stage of the disease in hepatologic diagnosis is an obligatory component along with etiology and activity rate of the process. Therefore, it is of importance to diagnose the disease at its early stages and to evaluate the dynamics in accumulation of the fibrotic tissue.


Title : A Novel Universal Virtual Maze for the Evaluation of Spatial Performance-Related Behaviors

Authors : Joseph Yanai, Vlad Demartsev, Adi Pinkas

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A Universal Virtual Maze for assessing spatial learning and memory is being presented. The maze is based conceptually on the Morris maze, but bypasses its limitations, which makes it suitable for both “wet” and “dry” situations, for animals of all sizes and free running animals, as well as for wild animals of all sizes in their natural habitats. The test can be applied in three dimensions and can test learning and memory among animals in flight or swimming/diving animals, in a laboratory setting or the wild. All that the virtual maze requires is a video camera and a computer with the appropriate tracking software, a rewarding device, and an alerting device. The efficacy of the maze was tested in mice and human which were tested in species-appropriate virtual mazes. Mice - showed a clear learning curve which was already statistically significant on the 5th testing day and the improvement was increased to 63% after 10 days (p<0.001). Human - The subjects easily reached a learning curve. The improvement during the 5 days was 64% (p<0.01). They still preformed the task even when the virtual target was moved to a different location. There are preliminary indications that the test could identify ADHD syndrome. Virtual maze offers a test similar to the Morris maze but it is simple and practically suitable for any situation, with no limitations.



Title : System for Identification and Analysis of Reduplication Words in Hindi Corpus

Authors : Dr. Kamlesh Dutta, Anshul Jindal

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Reduplication words is a class of MWE which is rapidly expanding due to the continuous need for coinage of new terms for describing new concepts, such as multi word expression, gold standard, and web page. Identification of reduplication words can particularly help parsing, and dictionary based applications like machine translation, and cross lingual information retrieval, since such word sequences should be treated as a single unit. The purpose of our work is to come up with a list of potential reduplication MWEs which a lexicographer can look at and decide whether a given word sequence should be added to the lexicon. This will aid the construction of a quality lexicon which incorporates MWE entries.

A system is to be developed which is focused on first extracting reduplication words from the given text and then identify them into different categories based upon their semantic and syntactic analysis. The system should store different categories words into different files based upon their classification. The approach used in identification of reduplication words is that the two hyphen separated words are first translated to English language and then they are compared from the backside. Depending upon the degree of similarity they are classified into different categories of reduplication


Title : Gastronomy Campeira as Attractive Tourist in State Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brazil

Authors : Jacqueline Valle de Bairros, Caroline Ciliane Ceretta

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For the phenomenon of tourism, gastronomy is an important component of the offer of a tourist destination and can treat yourself to one of the main motivations. The food, as cultural heritage is linked to the history and cultural traditions of an entire community, influenced by beliefs, values, religion, climate, location, agriculture, technology, economic status, beliefs, etc. This work aims to provide further reflection on the scout gastronomy as a tourist attraction important to the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The research was developed from reviewing the scientific literature of studies involving gastronomy, focusing on the cuisine campeira or gaucha, as a tourist attraction. It stresses the importance of gastronomic tourism to attract people, stimulating the local economy; enhancing the development of a new tourist destination and encouraging local people to value their gastronomic heritage. Thus, this work contributes to the recognition and appreciation of campeira gastronomy as an important tourist attraction for the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.



Title : Optimization of Force Explosive Parameters Through Athletic Means Specific to Performance Volleyball (Pre-competition Period)

Authors : Amzar Elena, Macri Aurelia, Rada Larisa

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The main role of the explosive force (expansion) while practising volleyball is that of imposing a physical preparation pattern which is necessary during the whole competition period of a year time.  In order to reach the already established goals, of great importance is the organisation of the force-velocity preparation for the entire annual period. Otherwise, an irrational use of the means which are meant to strengthen the force ability along with an erroneous division of the effort volume related to the principle of force- velocity and furthermore, an inefficient correlation of these with the volleyball preparation may influence the level of performance to tests (Macri A.C., 2005). Of all the bio motrical qualities, force and strength are the most critical ones within various sports. Such sports where the velocity and force dominate, will always bank on a solid development of these features. By understanding the mechanics and the physics involved by the force preparation and by including them in the training sessions, the competitiveness of players will also be stimulated. (Bompa T.O., 2002, quoted by Macri A.C., 2005).



Title : Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle for Surveliance and Research (UAV-SR10)

Authors : R. Tamilarasi

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In this paper the development of uninhabited aerial vehicles could potentially revolutionize militaryforce is used in the future. While the early operational experiences with UAVs to provide full range capabilities largely unknown. In this technology enable military forces and aerospacepower more efficiently, which means the lower cost and with less risk to the humans pilot aircraft. In this power mission are best accomplished by uninhabited, piloted and autonomous vehicles with the off-board operators and it’s provide the role of pilots and contrast with role of remotely piloted autonomous vehicles. In this assumption of remotely pilotand the autonomous vehicles are used for the military operation as well as researching purposes. It’s essential for defense establishment to consider the strategic and technological of these aerial vehicles are used for the new generation of aerial vehicles.


Title : An Efficient Area and Low Power FIR Digital Filter Structure Implemented By Fast FIR Algorithm Utilizes the Symmetric Convolution

Authors : R. Tamilarasi

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In Recent days the Finite Impulse Response FIR filter occupies the most important role in the digital system. In this paper explains the number of reduced multiplier increases with the length of the FIR filter structure designed by using the FIR algorithm, the number of reduced multiplier increases with the length of FIR filter structure it significant to the hardware for symmetric convolution from existing FFA parallel to the FIR filters and FIR filter designed by using the FIR algorithm. In this FIR filter structure using poly phase decomposition technique and it can requires minimum number of multipliers and it consumes for low power. Normally the multiplier consumes more power larger than the adder, In compared to multiplier it requires the minimum hardware cost and less power compared to the existing parallel FIR filter structure.


Title : Effect of Thyroxine on the Content of Cardiolipin

Authors : Benlan Ye, Qi Hou, Fan Guo, Ting Sun, Hailong Jiang, Wei Jiang

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Hyperthyroidism is a common disease. It has been well recognized that once thyroid hormones enter cells through membrane transporter proteins it binds its receptor and interacts with specific sequences of DNA in the promoters of responsive genes, modulating gene expression. However, it is not clear if phospholipids play any part in the procedure of hyperthyroidism. Some reports showed that cardiolipin has close relationship with energy metabolism. And, hyperthyroidism is a high metabolic disorder. Therefore, in this paper we studied the relationship between thyroxine and the content of cardiolipin. The results showed that thyroxine increases the content of cardiolipin both in vivo and in vitro. It suggested that increase cardiolipin in hyperthyroidism is a direct effect of thyroxine and not mediated by other neurohumoral factor. 


Title : Design of Reliable Control Systems in the Presence of Actuator or Sensor Degradation

Authors : Chieh-chuan Feng, Yun-Yeh Lin,Jun-Jie Yang

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In this paper we design controller that combines an observer and a control to handle systems subject to actuator or sensor degradation (including complete failure). The observer contains a pre-filter, an adaptive law, and a modified Luenberger observer that achieves estimation of system state and estimation of conditions of actuator or sensor.  We have shown that if a set of differential Riccati inequatities (DRI) is satisfied then the system can be stabilized under actuator degradation. While in sensor degradation case if an Algebraci Riccati inequality (ARI) and a DRI are satisfied then the system is stabilized.



Title : The Level of Minerals in Patients Infected with Entamoeba Histolytica

Authors : Hwaida SH. AL-Mahdawy, Dr.Farhan Abood Risan, Dr. Khalil I. Abd Mohammed

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The study was carried out during the period from the beginning of (November / 2013 - November / 2014) for detection of Entamoeba histolytica in patients with age range from (3-60) year who attended to AL-Yarmouk teaching hospital and AL-Tifil central hospital.The diagnosis done by microscopic examination. A total of 200 suspected patient there was120 infected with the parasitediagnosed by the direct examination method, a blood sample was taken from each one, as well as (60) healthy controls were involved in the study, which included:Lipid profile and minerals measurement by spectrophotometric method.The results indicated: The prevalence of Entamoeba histolytica by using microscopic examination was 145 (72.5%). The level of (Ca++) increased significantly (P<0.05), while the level of Magnesium (Mg++) and Zinc (Zn++) decreased significantly (P<0.05) in patients sera, in comparison with healthy control.


Title : Advanced Illumination Tank with Super-hydrophilic Metal Boundary in Microwave Tomography System

Authors : Jang-Yeol Kim, Jonghyeon Jeong, Kwang-Jae Lee, Seong-Ho Son, Soon-Ik Jeon, Woonbong Hwang

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This article presents the advanced illumination tank structure of a microwave tomography system for breast cancer detection. The proposed tank has been implemented with a super-hydrophilic aluminum sheet to realize the upper boundary conditions of the perfect electric conductor with no air gap. In contrast, the previous tank had an air gap layer between the human chest and the matching liquid. A comparison of the results shows that the air gap causes the strong pathing of the transmitted signal when measured near the liquid surface. In the proposed tank, the super-hydrophilic property of micro-to-nano hierarchical structures naturally prevents the forming of air bubbles on the surface, and the shielding property of the aluminum sheet provides stable measurement free from outside interference.


Title : Fuzzy Real Time Scheduling on Distributed Systems to Meet the Deadline of Applications

Authors : Mrs Rekha A Kulkarni , Dr. Suhas H Patil, Dr N.Balaji

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As there is fast change in the design of computing systems, distributed computing is gaining prominence. Fast processing with large data sets is becoming need of the era.. In distributed systems different kinds of hardware and software work together in cooperative fashion to solve problems involving large amount of data. In a heterogeneous environment handling real time tasks poses challenges of processor scheduling and load balancing to meet the deadlines. Implementation of real-time tasks poses a lot of problems due to the unpredictability of the tasks involved and due to the lack of complete task knowledge prior to the execution process. Fuzzy logic can be used in dynamic scheduling of these tasks based on the load information at various processing units. Fuzzy logic uses the system's deadline miss ratio (DMR) and system throughput to calculate a value which provides a system performance metric used to drive the system to the desired level of performance.



Title : On Similar Partner Curves in Bishop Frames with Variable Transformations

Authors : Faik BABADAG

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In this paper, we define a new family of curves and call it a family of similar curves with variable transformation according to the Bishop Frames . Also we give some characterizations of this family and we give some theorems. We obtain that similar curves with variable transformation with vanishing curvatures form the families of similar curves with variable transformation according to the Bishop Frames in E³and E⁴.


Title : Biometric Wrist Band

Authors : Madhura M. Jamkhedkar, Kaustubh S. Jawalekar, Sayali S. Gawande, Prof. Wrushali M. Mendre

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This article aims to present research information regarding designing of a wearable biometric device that will keep an account of heart beats, body temperature and the calories burnt by the respective user. The display will be given on an android application on user’s cell. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology will be used for communication between the device and the application. The purpose behind designing of this device is to keep an account of user’s health parameters. The Bluetooth enables wireless communication between the device and the application.Biometric band is a device which tracks user’s pulses, calories and body temperature. The device is supported by a small battery, a Bluetooth tag and a memory. The data will be acquired with the help of pulse count detector, Thermistors and accelerometer.



Title : Research on the Structural Theoretical System of Inter-organizational Relationships

Authors : Wu Yunqiao, Zhen Jie

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As the mutual integration between organizations and market as well as the emergence of non-boundary enterprises, the inter-organizational relationships have become the focus of academic circles. Firstly, the connotation of inter-organizational relationships is illustrated minutely through referencing to primary literature. Secondly, the constituent components of the inter-organizational relationship are analyzed. Finally, the theoretical model of inter-organizational relationships is constructed and systematic perception of inter-organizational relationships is formed. As a systemic study, the theoretical model of inter-organizational relationships mentioned in this paper will, to some extent, provide guidance and references for subsequent studies.


Title : Single- Lead Wearable Patch for Wireless Continuous Monitoring of ECG

Authors : Shyamala P, Vijaya Lakshmi, Chandrashekhar B G, Padmaja R Kudva, Rashmi K

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The significance of the current research was mainly focused on implementation of attachable ECG sensor adhesive patch of low-power, inexpensive and relatively small form factor for continuous monitoring and recording of infrequent cardiac events in real time. The device was designed to maximize Comfort and minimize the footprint on the user. A single lead, home care electrocardiogram (ECG), are recorded while a user wearing the device carries out his/her daily activities. The patch is thin and flexible for  comfortable  wear  on  the  person’s  chest  for  recoding  of  ECG  provided simple self-administration. The patch incorporates a battery, dry electrode, ECG amplifier and microprocessor for recording events. A software algorithm converts analogue signal into digital signal by sampling at the rate of 500 samples per second and enables the RF transmission through BLE. It also includes android application to display ECG graphically on mobile phone. The patch is intended to be designed for continuous long term wear up to 3 days. This design can be used widely in home health care, community health care and sports training due to its characteristics of low power consumption, small in size and reliability.


Title : Rethink of Capitalism

Authors : Samasi Anderson

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Capitalism has contributed much to the advancement of society; capitalism also contributes much to the negativity in society including security challenges, trade of liberty, meaningless life thus, capitalism needs a rethink or checks and balances, but for anyone in support or believe that either socialism or communism is an alternative to capitalism is a victim of delusion.


Title : Increase of Carcinoembryonic Antigen Level in Serum Is Associated with Metabolic Factors and Lifestyle

Authors : Lizhi Sun, MingjieXu, Lili Wang, Yan Wang, Yunshan Wang

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Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) has been a critical indicator for diagnosis of some cancers, however, CEA levels might increase in certain physiological conditions. We investigate the relationship between CEA levels and nonmalignant conditions based on physical examination and laboratory data of serum from 1601 individuals attending Jinan Central Hospital. Our results showed that CEA level increased significantly with agein both genders. Subjects were classified into different groups according to metabolic factors including BMI, fasting glucose, serum lipids and blood pressure, and lifestyle including cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. In women, CEA levels are higher in those with higher BMI, hyperlipidemia and hypertension than in normal group, whereas in men, CEA level in those with fasting hyperglucoseis significantly higher than those with normal glucose. In male smokers and drinkers, CEA levels tend to go up along with the increase of cigarette and alcohol consumption. After adjustment of age, CEA level is positively correlated with the fasting glucose, smoking and alcohol consumption in men, while with BMI in women. These results indicate that CEA levels can change dramatically under nonmalignant circumstances including age, BMI, fasting glucose, serum lipids, blood pressure, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption factors. This finding suggests that CEA elevation in non-malignant conditions should be taken into account while making diagnosis of cancers. 



Title : Entrepreneurial Potential of Brazilian Computing Undergraduates At A Mobile App Development Program

Authors : Alexandre Nabil Ghobril, Quezia Dias Januario Neves

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Digital entrepreneurship has been one of the chief drivers of world economy.  In this context, the present research is intended to assess the entrepreneurial profile of students who participate in a program for development of mobile apps at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in Brazil. For such, this research used the Carland scale to measure the entrepreneurial potential of 32 youth from MackMobile project, also considering their choices in defining the project. The results obtained show that, although participants presented good entrepreneurial aptness in personality traits and innovation dimensions, they need to develop entrepreneurial skills for risk propension and strategic posture to become entrepreneurs. The study indicates opportunities for improvement in programs and projects focused on technical qualification in technology programs, complementing them with methodologies turned to the development of personal entrepreneurial competences.


Title : The Relation between the Leadership Styles of Managers in Nursing Faculties and Anxietyamong Students

Authors : Taraneh Taghavi, Fataneh Ghadirian, Negin Zamani

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Leadership is a process of influencing on individuals in order to achieve the organizational aims. The leadership style plays a critical part in the efficiency of the organizations, particularly on human resources. The effect of leadership style on human experiences and their interactions has become a significant fact within the recent years. This study was carried out in order to examine the relation between the leadership styles of managers in nursing faculties of Tehran and the level of anxiety in their nursing students in 2006. The simple sampling technique was utilized. Finally, 212 nursing students participated in this study. The relation between the leadership styles of managers and the level of anxiety in nursing students were examined by researcher’s self-organized questionnaire. What it all comes down to is that, based on the participants’ view points, there is no meaningful relation between the leadership styles of managers in nursing faculties in Tehran and the level of anxiety in their nursing students.


Title : FPGA Based High Frequency PWM Waveform Generator Controller With Variable Duty Cycle

Authors : M Vinoth Kumar , Archit Malhotra, Kuldeep Kumar Tandewal, Sharon Shalini Tewari, Rahul Pandey

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Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) provides very good hardware design flexibility. This paper specifies the generation of PWM signals for variable duty cycles using VHDL. The project employs the use of Spartan3e board. The PWM waveform generated is integrated with the MATLAB module to show simulation and after that the comparison with the arduino board. Pulse Width Modulation found in large number of applications as a voltage controller. It is used in controlling output voltage of inverter in most of the applications.PWM has a fixed frequency and a variable voltage. Voltage value changes from 0V to 5 V. The advantage of this method is that it is used to generate High-frequency variable duty cycle PWM output. The VHDL code is written and synthesized using Xilinx ISE. Behavioral simulation was performed and the results are verified by downloading the code into SPARTAN 3 FPGA. Pulse-Width modulation is commonly used in industrial applications for electrical motor control but is also used in audio applications, such as compact class-D power amplifiers, and drivers for light source based on light emitting diodes our main focus in this project is to control speed of DC motor at high frequency.



Title : Gemcitabine in Previously Treated Advanced or Recurrent Cervical Cancer A Retrospective Study

Authors : Fatima Zahra Ziani, Sami Aziz Brahmi, El Mrabet Fatima Zahra, Samia Arifi, Nawfel Mellas

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Background: Cervical cancer is the second most common female’s cancer in Morocco. The objective of our study was to evaluate the efficacy and the toxicity of gemcitabin in previously treated advanced or recurrent cervical cancer.

Materials and Methods: We conducted a retrospective study in medical oncology department of University Hospital of Hassan II to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of gemcitabine in patients with previously treated squamous cell carcinoma of cervical cancer over a period of 5 years between 2011 and 2015.

Results: Twenty one patients were included into the study. The dose of gemcitabine was 1250 mg/m2 over 30 min weekly two with a 2-weeks rest until progressive disease or adverse effects prohibited further therapy.  There were two partial responses (9%) and no complete response was observed. Six patients had stable disease (28%). Gemcitabine had minimal serious adverse effects. No grade 4 adverse disease was observed. The median progression free survival was 2 months with median overall survival of 4.6 months.

 Conclusion:  According to our study, gemcitabine has a minimal activity in previously treated advanced cervical cancer in second line. Additional investigation is warranted to identify alternate therapy in this situation.


Title : The Role of APQP and QFD in Production

Authors : Dr. Kamaladdin Rahmani, Tajaddin Eram

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The world economy in the twenty-first century will be faced with profound transformation. These developments are going to affect most countries that rely on single-product economy (such as oil) have had. Because the oil in the global economy and the authority of his past into the "black gold" is lost In fact, growth and economic development in the next century will depend on the volume of production and added value that is created in those countries. This fact added to the effort of governments in creating new competitive advantages. In today's knowledge era and the post-industrial age, rapid changes, technological developments resulted in global organizations think and to deal with the unpredictable competition to prepare. In a world where change occurs at extremely high speeds, organizations are threatened with destruction. The emergence of competitors in the competitive provision of services and production of goods with high quality and reasonable price is a threat to organizations. In today's competitive world, all organizations have found that customer satisfaction is dependent on increasing the quality of goods and services. No matter which product you sell or fantastic ideas, success depends on the quality of the final product. What is that your business is not important. To be successful you need to have the quality of goods produced in the first place. Finally, growth in sales of more sustainable business and sustainable business that its structure is relatively large.No doubt we do not live in a perfect world, people are wrong and the car broke down, the objective is to minimize these problems so that customers are impressed again and again to come straight. Access to this goal by focusing on quality is possible. Enhance quality, thus preserving the capital, and in this case no further action is to compensate for past mistakes. Staff is also working more efficiently because people are interested in the company and working in groups. How can the uniqueness of the quality of your business make sure, this article reviews the advanced product quality planning APQP in the design and manufacture of new products, goals, benefits and implementation steps it has stated, The results of the findings based on the one-sample t test showed Advanced product quality planning in industrial products, at 95 percent in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, costs and affect their quality there. Also to QFD, Houses of Quality (HOQ), and attitudes the quality are mentioned.


Title : Clinical and Molecular Anatomy of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST)

Authors : Giorgio Maria Paolo Graziano, Giovanni Castelli, Prof Anthony Graziano

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Introduction  Gastrointestinal stromal tumors GISTs are rare and fall into the category of non-epithelial tumors of the gastrointestinal tract , involving the stomach at a higher percentage (70 %). The purpose of this study , through a retrospective analysis of the observed cases , is to obtain data on the incidence , survival curve identification of prognostic and predictive parameters .The goal is to collect data concerning the natural history of GIST , 65% of patients were female, 35% male , mean age 64 years. Metastatic disease was assessed by cd171. In this study, n 11 (65 %) cases were L1 ( cd171 ) positive for smooth muscle tumors . Of which 8 with headquarters in the stomach, ileum en 3 . Investigations have been performed immunohistochemistry with CD117 , CD99 , ema .  all enrolled patients tested positive for CD117 .Discussion Thread What are the prognostic factors of GiST is still a matter of debate, but the consensus conference (NIH) in 2001 defined BETHESTHA n 2 parameters which are: the size and mitotic index of 50 HP for the lesions found were reported as accidental the size ranged < 10mm to > 50mm . . . The study carried out shows that the markers are the key to the histological diagnosis of GIST malignancies in GIST have introduced anti-angiogenic therapy with administration of sunitinib at a dose of 50mg/die for 4 weeks every 6 . For the purpose of inhibiting tumor growth with a time of disease-free interval longer. It is evident that in the histological diagnosis of GIST are inserted reporting the results of molecular biology with immunohistochemical markers , in combination with mitotic index , and tumor size in order to define a complete  risks MTS



Title : Natural Radioactivity and Its Environmental Implications in Soil Samples Collected Around Abou-Zabal Phosphate Fertilizer Factory Area in Egypt

Authors : S.Fares, W.M.Moslem, A.K.Hassan, A.A.Eltawil, F.Abdelhamied

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A total of twenty three composite soil samples was collected from different geographical areas around the Abou-Zabal phosphate fertilizer factory region area in Egypt. The aim of the present work is to determine the levels of some natural radioactivity in soil samples were collected. Activity concentration of background radionuclides such as 226Ra, 232Th and 40K of these samples was determined by using a high-resolution co-axial HPGe gamma-ray spectrometry. According to the results this analysis, 226Ra was found in concentrations mean of 283.87 Bq kg-1; 232Th in mean concentrations of 16.15, Bq kg-1; and 40K in mean concentrations of 146.36 Bq kg-1 for the analyzed soil, respectively. Radon (222Rn) mean concentration content in the samples, were estimated using solid state nuclear track detectors (CR – 39). The Radon gas mean concentration was found 162.37 Bq.m-3. Based on the radioactivity levels determined, the gamma-absorbed dose rates in soil sample above the ground were calculated. To evaluate the radiological hazard of the natural radioactivity, the radium equivalent activity, the gamma-absorbed dose rate and the mean population weighted dose rate were calculated.



Title : Laboratory Assessment of Molluscicidal Activity of Glinus Oppositifolius (L.) Aug. DC. (Aizoaceae)

Authors : Adama Denou, Adiaratou Togola, Kari Tvete Inngjerdingen, Drissa Diallo, Berit Smestad Paulsen

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The negative impact of synthetic molluscicides on the environment and their high cost necessitated search for an alternative approach of using plant extracts for the control of schistosomiasis. The objective of this study was, therefore, to evaluate some crude extracts (butanol and ethyl acetate) and pure products of Glinus oppositifolius aerial part for their molluscicidal effect against schistosome snail intermediate hosts. Assessment of the molluscicidal activity against Bulinus truncatus and Biomphalaria pfeifferi was made by immersion method in accordance with WHO guideline. The results of mortality were statistically analyzed using excel sheets. After 24 hours exposure, BuOH extract has shown the lowest LC50: 64.3 and 91.7 ppm for Bulinus truncatus and Biomphalaria pfeifferi respectively. Moreover  EtOAc extract gave a LC50: 86.2 ppm with Bulinus tuncatus. Although the crude extracts were more active, both crude extracts and pure products from G. oppositifolius revealed a dose-dependent activity on Bulinus truncatus and Biomphalaria  pfeifferi. The results showed that G. oppositifolius has molluscicidal activity against B. truncatus and B. pfeifferi snails. Yet, further comprehensive evaluation is recommended for the possible use of G. oppositifolius against B. truncatus and B. pfeifferi.


Title : Level of Service For Pedestrian Towards The Performance of Passenger Information in Integrated Rail Transit Station: Sustainable Criteria For Station Design

Authors : R. M. Zakwan, W. J. Khai, N. B. Hamid, U. N. Ibrahim

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Passenger information system (PIS) is very important to ease pedestrian while travelling in the integrated station which can encourage them to leave their private vehicle. It is part of sustainable element in station design. The main objective of this study is to determine the performance of passenger information in integrated rail transit station at Masjid Jamek based on pedestrian movement in station. Pedestrians’ movement at several critical intersections in the station were recorded and observed through video observation. The video are then been analyzed based on the pedestrians movement delays in the station and level of service (LOS) will be given based on the delays. From the results, LOS for weekdays were slightly better than weekend may due to the passengers who commutes through the station are already familiar with the station layout since they are the frequent commuters for the related transit. PIS provided in the station can be improved more in future to encourage the private vehicle drivers to change their mode of transport to public transport especially light rail transit which currently cater most of urban commuters in Klang Valley. This can help to reduce the traffic congestions and carbon emissions on the road.


Title : Implementation of the Designed Automatic Change over System for the Department of Physics, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli.

Authors : T. Ilomuanya, U.V. Okpala

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In this work, we constructed microcontroller- based automatic power changeover with artificial intelligence for auto switching from conventional source to alternative source and vice versa, in the event of power failure.This system has two major sensors; one for the public power supply and the other for the standby generator. The signal from the sensor goes through signal conditioning to be able to communicate with the controller. The microcontroller monitors the signals from both sensors, to ascertain when public power fails and when power from generator comes on line. Both scenarios are quickly reported to the user via SMS. When public power is restored, the automatic control system checks the voltage level to ensure that it is within the acceptable range (180V -230V), if it is, the control system quickly changes over power to the public power source and switches off the standby generator. If it is not within the acceptable range, the control system leaves the generator ON even though the public power is available. In this way, the building and appliance are protected from any fault in the public power supply source. This system therefore incorporates both the automatic control and the intelligent /feedback control.



Title : Physics and the Universe, Realities of Appreciation

Authors : Don Okpala, Uchechukwu Vincent

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In this paper, Physics and the universe were studied. The philosophy of reflecting on the basic metaphysical and epistemological questions posed by physics was answered. It was discovered that we live in a matter universe where particles of matter are interacting with each other resulting to the release and recycling of energy. Physics studies matter and energy and their interaction with each other. Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. Mass is the quantity of material contained in a body. Energy is the capacity to do work. It was established that the product of the change in the mass of the interacting particles of matter and the square of the speed of light holds the universe.


Title : Comparison Between The Time-SLIP Images of Two Cases With Giant Arachnoid Cyst And Aqueduct Stenosis Under Neuroendoscope Assist

Authors : Ayako Horiba, Yasuo Aihara, Kentaro Chiba, Kayoko Abe, Shuuji Sakai, Takakazu Kawamata

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Purpose : Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow can be characterized by its speed and also qualitatively as laminar or turbulent. These characteristics depend on pressure and compliance in the CSF spaces, together with any propagated pulsations. By using the unenhanced time spatial labeling inversion pulse (T-SLIP) technique, it became possible to visualize CSF movement noninvasively, regardless of physiological conditions. We observed two cases with very similar pathology, which further on had very different clinical courses and we discuss the role of T-SLIP demonstrated CSF dynamics.

Methods: We had the opportunity to treat 2 patients who suffered from repeating headache episodes and diagnosed with arachnoid cysts in the left cerebellar hemisphere. Both cases were treated by surgery, performing cyst fenestrations. We performed T-SLIP examinations before and after surgery.

Results: Although both cases showed the same condition, T-SLIP results clearly differed after the operation. The first case showed substantial CSF outflow from the cyst on T-SLIP images and there was a good clinical outcome with cyst size reduction as seen on MRI images and confirmed by the disappearance of headaches. On the other hand, the case in which postoperative T-SLIP images showed restricted CSF movement needed a C-P shunt after the initial operation.

Conclusions: While still having limitations, T-SLIP method has the potential to estimate functionally not only for the current condition of new CSF paths, but suggest the future clinical course of these patients.


Title : Database Security of E-Commerce Based on Hybrid Encryption

Authors : Aditi Gupta

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E-business database is extremely helpful in today's reality as it continued creating and winning tremendous benefit. Information in a database in e-trade is vital. We should have the complete security. Information is the most important resource in today's reality as it takes day –to-day life structure as it record everyday exchange. Databases are the most loved focus to the aggressors. Despite the fact that the examination of client enrollment and recovering secret key, the security issue existing as the conventional strategy for recording in e-business. On the premise of symmetric and hilter kilter encryption advances the half breed encryption advances has been sent to consolidate both of the past advances. Mixture encryption innovation has been to enhance the database security of –ecommerce.


Title : Performance Comparison of Various Classifiers For Classification of Seizure

Authors : Gourav Kapoor , Prof. Pratibha Singh

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As in the absence of proper technology lot of time is waste in the identification of brain signal as seizure and non-seizure. Generally a lot of tests are performed to catch the disease or to actually know whether the patient is cured or healthy. These tests results in congregate or cluster of huge number of records. Whereas many diagnostic process could result in the mesh up of the actual diagnosis process and create difficulty in obtaining the genuine result specially when there is lot of test performed. These problems could be neutralized by using classifiers for the classification of record. So there are lot of classifiers are available called as SVM (square vector machine), k-NN (k- nearest neighbours), discriminate classifier and many like these. In this study we gave a resemblance of the classifiers on the basis of their accuracy sensitivity and specificity. 


Title : A Study of Software Development Models for Small Organisations

Authors : Deepshikha Jamwal, Devanand

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Software Development is a complex and often difficult process requiring the synthesis of many disciplines, like modelling and design to code generation, project management, testing, deployment, change management and beyond. Software development organizations follow some process while developing a software product. A key component of any software development process is the lifecycle model on which the process is based.