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Volume 2 Issue 1

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Title : Surface Particle Motion of Rayleigh Waves in Prestressed Heterogeneous Orthotropic Elastic Half Space

Authors : Inder Singh Gupta, Amit Kumar

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The motion of the surface particles of Rayleigh waves in the prestressed heterogeneous elastic half space is discussed in detail. The analytical expressions for displacement components are derived and showed that these components are effected by initial stress and inhomogeneity factor. It is also proved that  motion of the surface particles becomes retrograde elliptical in unstressed heterogeneous half space. For λ=0, the ratio of the major and minor axes are derived and showed that the ratio becomes unity at the cut-off frequency.


Title : Rural School Transportation in Brazil as an Essential Factor For The Education Policy

Authors : Willer Luciano Carvalho, Yaeko Yamashita, Joaquim Jose Quilherme de Aragao

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The Brazilian Constitution guarantees the right to education for all children and adolescents, may they reside in rural or in urban areas.  In order to ensure this right, the federal, state and municipal governments are equally obliged to provide the resources needed to ensure the school access and permanence of the pupils. The provision of free and efficient school transportation for all students in the public school network stands out among such resource needs. Particularly, the Brazilian educational system has rendered children from rural areas increasingly dependent upon public transportation, as some of the policies implemented over the years (e.g. concentration of the school services in the core city of the municipality) have augmented the distances for the rural children.  In some cases, they must commute for over four hours between their homes and schools. In addition, public authorities have not always been able to guarantee safe, adequate transportation that responds to the needs of the children living under the particular conditions of the rural areas. Faced with this scenario, this study portrays the conditions of the physical access to the school imposed upon the children living in rural areas, which jeopardize their social inclusion process that should be assured by the education system.


Title : The Importance of the Differentiated Treatment Requirement in the Operationalization of the Physical Education Lesson Targets

Authors : Macri Aurelia Cristina, Chitea Mihaela

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In the physical education and sports lesson, the teacher is always confronted with the dialectic contradiction existing between pupils’ individual physical skills and the optimization target of the class performance level, in an uniform way, so that we consider that it is necessary to implement a differentiated teaching process in order to achieve the framework and reference objectives. This supposes that the differentiation within the teaching process be subordinated to homogenization in order to obtain the desired effect. Measures shall be taken in order to guarantee pupils’ individual progresses as well as to represent an impulse in their activities. An essential condition in the optimization of the motion skills and performances improvement is that the appraisal of pupils’ initial training level be accurate and also to avoid overstrain or understrain.

We started our research from the premise that the differentiated dosing of the current effort of training means used in the optimization of the manifestation forms of resistance motion skill, will allow its education at higher parameters according to the requirements of age and sex. We wish that the methodology used to contribute to the performance of an efficient activity during the physical education and sports lesson and, also, to the strengthening of work motivation for the optimization of the manifestation forms of resistance motion skill, particularly for pupils with an inferior training level.


Title : Willingness of a Sample of Health Professionals to Participate in Clinical Research as Research Subjects

Authors : Amel Ahmed Fayed

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Background: Saudi Arabia has recently become more devoted to clinical research, which remains a relatively new and challenging area for researchers. Recruiting individual subjects in clinical research is believed to be an essential element in clinical trial success and is intensely dependent on the potential willingness of subjects to participate in clinical trials.

Methods: A cross sectional study of a purposive sample of 323 health professionals was conducted. The study participants included students of Nursing and Medical College, physicians, nurses and paramedical personnel. A validated questionnaire assessing the willingness to participate, motives, obstacles was used.

Results: In general, about 80% of the participants were willing to participate in clinical research. The highest percentage of willingness to participate was reported when participants were asked about their willingness to answer questions in surveys (90.7%). Nearly 80% of participants considered getting a free medical tests and appointments as important intensives whereas 69.8% supported financial incentives to be efficient in encouraging people to participate in clinical research. Weak positive though significant correlation was detected between level of trust in the research institute and willingness to participate in clinical research.

Conclusion: Overall, this study confirmed that the decision for participation in research is closely related to the nature of the clinical trials, people usually welcome participation in questionnaires and noninvasive studies but their concerns are major when deciding for their children. Saudi community favors the free medical services to financial aids as incentives to participate in research trials.


Title : Effects Of Chemical Activation on Surface Sites of The Brick: pH-Dependence on Metal Adsorption

Authors : Oscar Allahdin, Belvia Bagoua, Michel Wartel, Joseph Mabingui, Abdel Boughriet

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Brick was coated with ferrihydrite under variable experimental (pH) conditions. Pore – size distributions were determined and basic functions formed at brick surfaces were differentiated and quantified using pHmetry and conductimetry. Lead(II) and iron(II) adsorption capacities of synthesized compounds were tested by conducting fixed – bed column experiments. Both a higher pH used for Fe(III) precipitation into ferrihydrite and a higher level of deposited iron contributed to improve the adsorption performance of this material. The number of generated ΞAlO-, ΞSiO- and ΞFeO- sites was found to be the key factor controlling the adsorption capacity level, and not physical and textural parameters.


Title : Mutational Analysis Mapping on The Molecular Structure of The ACVRL1 Protein and Implications For Rendu-Osler-Weber (ROW)

Authors : George N. Goulielmos, Elias Eliopoulos, Alexandros Karatzanis, Maria I. Zervou, Emmanuel Fountakis, Stylianos G. Velegrakis, Trias Thireou, Emmanuel P. Prokopakis

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About 80% of Rendu-Osler–Weber (ROW) patients carry mutations in endoglin (ENG) or activin receptor-like kinase1 (ACVRL1; ALK1) genes. In order to investigate the molecular mechanisms that govern the pathogenic effect of the mutations in ACVRL1, we have collected and analyzed the mutational effect of over 80 different predominant mutations, as well as their location, on the 3D molecular structures of N- and C-terminal domains of ACVRL1. We have used macromolecular modeling on the protein structural components of ACVLR1 and structural component interface analysis to locate position and interaction of point mutations. Specific mutations were identified using genomic DNA sequencing from blood leucocytes. Out of the 151 point mutations reported for the ALK1 gene, the majority are located on the surface of the ARD and PK structural domains, with some on the interaction interface. New observed mutation Cys90Phe found in two Cretan ROW patients, located on loop F4 of ARD, introduces conformational steric hindrance and disruption of stability. We have mapped point mutations on the structural domains of ACVLR1, correlating location and severity of ROW. In addition, we report the identification and location of a novel missense mutation, Cys90Phe, which has not yet been described. It is identified in a Cretan ROW patient, and associated with severe clinical appearance according to the Curacao criteria.


Title : Implement a Circuit System for Brain Wave Application in Power Switch Controlled Circuit

Authors : Ching-Sung Wang

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Since there are more and more people with increasing age in today’s society, seniors’ lifestyle has been becoming more and more important, especially those with particular physical disabilities. Moreover, urbanization causing narrowing space prevents elderly and those with physical disabilities to use plugs at the corner of any certain environment. In order to effectively solve this problem, we combine RF wireless transferring system and physiological signals from brain wave induced by vision potential to edit a remote controller at their disposal. This implementation not only helps seniors and physio disabilities to control domestic electric appliances but also environmental friendly. The power usage comparison in the following context proves this application is actually power efficient.


Title : Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Pyridine Oxalato Molybdenum(V) Complex

Authors : Quan-Liang Chen

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Molybdenum complexes cause much attract due to their potential applications in the fields of material, medicine and catalysis. In this paper, a pyridine oxalato molybdenum(V) complex trans-(PyH)2[Mo2O4(ox)2(Py)2] (1) was synthesized with a yield of 75% in aqueous solution. Its structure was characterized by x-ray single crystal analysis. Complex 1 consists of dinuclear molybdate(V) anions and pyridine cations. The structure of molybdate(V) anion contains a dinuclear [MoV2O4]2+ core with Mo–Mo bond [2.549(2) Å]. Moreover, complex 1 displays a trans arrangement for the pyridine and oxalato ligands. The pyridine ligand coordinates to molybdenum atom through nitrogen atom. The oxalato ligand coordinates to each molybdenum atom through two carboxylate oxygens in a bidentate chelating manner.


Title : Labour Market Situation in India: An Analysis

Authors : Dr. Muna Kalyani

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The present study analyses the labour market situation in India over the last five decades. Given the growth profile, which has been quite robust in recent years, one pertinent question is whether India has experienced pro-poor growth. The paper examines a wide range of indicators, including worker population ratio, sectoral shifts in the value added composition and occupational structure, growth in value added and employment, employment status in terms of self-employment, regular wage employment and casual employment, unemployment rates, formal-informal division of employment, employment elasticity and labour productivity, and finally, the poverty.. The paper also examines the trends in work participation rates for women and men in rural and urban areas and employment scenario between the rise in economic growth and the trends in poverty lines that take place in course of time.


Title : Psychosocial Factors Affecting the Course of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Authors : Stavroula I. Bargiota, Dionysios Sakkas, Thomas N. Hyphantis, Nikiforos V. Angeloopulos

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Objective: A five year prospective study of 43 patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), 33 with Ulcerative Colitis and 10 with Crohn's Disease, was conducted with the purpose to investigate the role of psychosocial factors on the course and outcome of the disease.

Methods: Sociodemographic data were collected and the participants were given four psychometric instruments: the Hostility and Direction of Hostility Questionnaire (HDHQ), the Spieberger's trait anxiety (STAI-t), the Spieberger's state anxiety (STAI-s) and the Center of Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D). After the lapse of five years the patients were allocated to three groups according to the degree of severity of their illness (improvement, stability, deterioration). 

Results: Patients with IBD, whose condition was evaluated as deteriorated at the end of the follow-up, had initially given much higher scores on the HDHQ subscale of Paranoid Hostility than those with improvement. Patients whose course of illness showed a deterioration, had given significantly higher scores on CES-D scale, on the initial examination. Married patients who showed improvement had a significantly longer duration of marriage than the rest. Older age at the beginning of the disease was significantly related to the improvement of symptomatology than younger age.

Conclusions: Paranoid Hostility and Depressive Symptoms are predictors of more severe course of illness. Married patients with longer duration of marriage had better prognosis. Older patients had better prognosis than younger ones. 


Title : Hydrological Analysis on Semi-Urban and Urban Areas in Kajang

Authors : N.Azimah.Bahrum, M.A.Malek

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Flooding is a natural phenomenon occurred mainly due to heavy rain and improper water resources planning. It is one of the serious natural hazards that may cause damage to human lives, agriculture, environment and structures. This study focuses on the establishment of the latest trending on intensity duration frequency (IDF) curves and determination of various hydrological parameters such as curve number (CN), hydrograph peak time (tp), time of concentration (tc) and manning’s roughness coefficient (n) for urban and semi-urban areas in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. 25 years of rainfall data from 1990 to 2014, obtained from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), Malaysia were used in this study. Moreover, the temporal pattern in this study is built of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes, 360 minutes, 720 minutes and 1440 minutes. Results from this study exhibited the new established IDF curves developed for Kajang at both semi-urban and urban areas for Sg. Jelok sub-catchment. Based on the calculations conducted, it is found that although the urban areas has a larger value of time of concentration, tc at 12.98 hour and highest value of hydrograph peak time, tp at 0.87 hour, various flooding events are still occurring in several places in the urban areas. These flooding are probably still occurring due to the current active residential constructions  and on-going constructions of elevated inner city train (LRT) in addition to the old drainage system still used in the urban areas of Kajang that hinder the flow of surface runoff.


Title : Accounting for Unobserved Heterogeneity in The Relationship between External Trade Benefits and Standard of Living in Eswacs; 1980 -2013

Authors : Chukwu Sancho Nwobuisi, Uzomba Peter Chika, Ajie Hycent Amakiri

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Cross boundary trade activities are characterized with feedback effect which is referred to as common factors in terms of global shocks, international spill-over effects, dynamic feedback effects, recession, business cycle shocks, global financial crisis and imported inflation. These effects are often transmitted from one country to another within a particular trade region, and are most time unobserved; hence unaccounted for. It is in the light of this worry;that this research is aimed at accounting for unobserved heterogeneity in the relationship between external trade benefits and standard of living in the five English Speaking West African Countries (ESWACs) from 1980 to 2013. These countries include; The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone). The study expressed external trade benefits as increase in export earnings (EXE), trade openness (TOP), total government expenditure (TGE) and reduction in foreign exchange rate (FER), and standard of living (SLR). Theoretically, the study relied on two trade theories, in practice; the study constructs a balanced panel data structure (BPDS) and methodologically, it adopted 2nd generation panel data econometric methods in its analyses. The results of the study reveal that external trade benefits have not been able to improve the status of standard of livingand the unobserved heterogeneity in the relationship between external trade benefits and standard of living in ESWACs is accounted for about 0.8746 (approximately 87%) with the period of study, indicating high level of unobserved heterogeneity in the relationship between external trade benefits and standard of living. Based on this result, the study therefore concluded that the inherent unobserved heterogeneity in the relationship between external trade benefits and standard of living has made the impact of external trade benefits on thestandard of living to be a trivial matter. Based on the findings and conclusion, the study recommended, among others, that the governments of ESWACs should encourage and support the real sector through subsidies and investment in social and physical infrastructure and agricultural and manufacturing sectors, and pay attention to investment in human capital as this will help to improve the standard of education and health status.


Title : Comprehensive Standardization And Assessment of Behavioural Core In Rodants Of Ethanolic Extract Of Floral Part of Delonix regia (bojer ex hook.) Raf. Of Pakistan

Authors : Raheela Khursheed, Ghazala. H. Rizwani, Hina Zahid , Sumaira Ishaque

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—  Delonix regia is branched, broad, spreading, flat- crowned deciduous tree and it is well known for its brilliant display of red- orange bloom in the form of bunch. The extract of different parts of plant has been used in the treatment of malaria, bacterial infections and constipation. The present investigation was conducted to standardize the drug for quality assessment and in addition to evaluate its behavioural core in rodent. In standardization of plant material the pharmacognostic techniques (Macroscopic, microscopic, histological characteristics, Physico chemical parameters, ash values along with extractive values) was carried out. Macroscopic studies indicated the presence of five thick crimson sepals curve back to display their lime- green lining and five spoons shaped petals, one of them is larger having streaked centre.  Microscopically, the transverse section of Delonix regia flower showed the presence of single layer of barrel shaped cells with stomata. Cells containing colouring pigments were also present. Powdered flowers material revealed the presence of Oil cells, Fibres, Fragments of vascular tissues, ca-oxalate crystals, starch granules, cork tissues epidermal and stone cells. Physico chemical parameters including total ash value which was 6.51% w/w,  acid insoluble ash was not more than 8.4% w/w, water soluble ash is equivalent to 7.44% w/w and sulphated ash is 16.76 % w/w. Alcohol soluble extractive value was more than water soluble extractive value. Phytochemical analysis showed presence of steroids, alkaloids, flavonoids, proteins, tannins, carbohydrates, phenol and triterpenes. Infrared spectroscopic analysis revealed the presence of O-H, C-H, N-H, C=O, C-N and C-O. In case of behavioural study, rotarod showed considerable  lack in motor coordination at 100 mg / kg on 30 and 60th mins of duration which was 44% and 32.2% respectively while in case of grip strength all tested doses were found ineffective in related to muscle relaxant property


Title : Design, Analysis and Empirical Researches for Solar Heat Collecting System based on Flat Mirrors Combination

Authors : Ki-Hwan Song, Chang-Woo Son, Sang-Hun Lee, Tae-Il Seo

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There has been a dramatic increase of research on energy production using solar energy. This research aims to examine development of concentrating solar collector that is related to mid-high solar energy field. Although the use of dish type solar thermal system has been common in the existing high-efficiency collector technology, several problems have been raised. In order to solve these issues, the frame has been designed as flat plate type with Fresnel lens and the structural stability has been proved by analysis. Furthermore, the experiment that checks collector’s temperature has been performed for the correct works of the stirling engine.


Title : Influencing Factors in the Perception of Private Higher Education: A case study in Monterrey, Mexico

Authors : Elias Alvarado Lagunas, Jeyle Ortiz Rodriguez, Mario Cesar Davila Aguirre

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This paper presents an analysis of perceived quality in a higher educational institution in Mexico. To conduct the study, a semi-structured interview applied offsite from the institution is done. With the information gathered structural equation model (SEM) that helps explain how students rank their perceptions of the quality of various components offered by this. Among the main findings is that students give more weight to the modern facilities and technology innovation in the classroom, as well as national and international conventions or agreements they have with other universities worldwide.


Title : Improvement of The ADC Resolution Based on FPGA Implementation of Interpolating Algorithm

Authors : Y. Kebbati, A. Ndaw

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This paper exposes a method that gives us the possibility to use a low accuracy Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) in high-resolution measurements. We increase the resolution of a 12-bits ADC to 16-bits by adding samples which are calculated using Shannon interpolate algorithm. Thus, the digital signal has high resolution compared to measurements. Specific hardware architecture was developed to implement the algorithm in FPGA. The great advantages of the proposed design are an enhancement of ADC resolution and the continuous time is modeled as a white noise which is generated by the FPGA itself, obviating the need of an external noise source. Results were presented in order to confirm the method


Title : Global Existence of Classical Solutions for A Class Nonlinear Parabolic Equations

Authors : Svetlin G. Georgiev

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In this article we prove the existence of classical solutions for a class nonlinear parabolic equations. We propose new integral representation of the classical solutions. As an application we give continuous dependence and differentiability of the solutions with respect to the initial data and parameters.