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Volume 1 Issue 7

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Title : Study on the Evaluation Function Parameters of the Checkers Game Program on Weka Platform

Authors : Li Shuqin , Xue Weiming,Yuan Xiaohua

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Based on the machine learning algorithm provided by the Weka platform, this paper performs two studies on the evaluation function parameters of checkers game program. The first one is that, through selecting six numbers, which include the number of the black, the red, the king of black, the king of red, the black in danger, and the red in danger, assigning different weight to each number, then inputting these weighted numbers as factors into the machine learning algorithm, after tested, picking the important numbers as the evaluation parameters, thus, we optimize the parameters of evaluation function for checkers game. The second one is that, by analyzing the influence of removing the weighted numbers of the king of black and the king of red from the program, we obtain the conclusion that the two parameters have large influence, and cannot be removed from the evaluation function.


Title : Is Positive Gravitational Force Source of Dark Energy?

Authors : Branko M. Novakovic

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As it is well known today, the universe continues to expand, even at an accelerating rate. The main reason for it is an unknown energy called a dark energy. This energy occupies about 68 percents of the total energy in the universe. One of the candidates for the source of dark energy is a cosmological constant Λ.  Meanwhile, recently developed Relativistic Alpha Field (RAF) theory predicts (among the others) that the gravitational force becomes positive (repulsive) if (GM/rc2) > 1, that could be a source of a dark energy. Here we derived equations of the universe motion using field parameters from RAF theory. These equations show that positive (repulsive) gravitational force really can produce an accelerating rate of the universe motion and therefore could be a candidate for the source of a dark energy. In that sense a dark energy can be seen as a positive (repulsive) gravitational energy. In order to compare the RAF theory solution of the universe motion with one of the existing solution, here we also derived related solution with the cosmological constant Λ.



Title : Environmental Education and Their Ways of Subjectivation in Educational Field

Authors : Celeste Dias Amorim, Luiz Artur dos Santos Cestari

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The knowledge and technology development, specifically during the contemporaneity, time of great achievements, and the predominance of rationality that brought contributions and advantages to societies on the one hand, but unpredicted consequences to the people on the other. This text is based on the assumption that environmental speeches are established in the educational field correlating their training goals with the ways of subjectivation in order to bridge the shortfall of human emancipation, which was caused by the development of the technical-instrumental rationality. Thus, the objective is to show that the environmental claim in education is done through concepts and values already consolidated in the literature published in the humanities, taking them as forms of subjectivity, understood here as advertised forms of subject concepts through their concepts. A qualitative approach, following Arendt's conception, is through action (speech) that man is manifested with each other, for man as a being historically constituted is inserted into the world through word and deed. It is through discourse (action) proposed by the Environmental Education through subjectivities, such as citizenship, participation, identity among others, the environmental discourse establishes its training goals in education, introducing an important path of dialogue between the environmental field and educational.Then, the subjectivation shows an important path of the environmental speeches in the educational field. The debate about environmental education which must be mediated by the discussion on the human formation, promoting an emancipation of the subject capable of questioning, discussing and reflecting on the action of individuals in the society, by overtaking the instrumental rationality.


Title : Luminescence Property of Perovskite Structure

Authors : Alberthmeiry T. de Figueiredo, Cristiano M. Barrado, Raphael Lucas de Sousa e Silva, Lidianne D. Alvarenga, Fabiana V. Motta, Carlos A. Paskocimas, Mauricio R. D. Bomio

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The photoluminescence property (PL) is a desired property for materials and the luminescence of perovskite type compounds have been known for a long time. This property was first identified to crystalline perovskite and it has only been recently identified in structurally disordered perovskite. In this work, we present a study about photoluminescence of structural disordered perovskite-structured compounds. There will be a special focus on the PL emission of titanates and zirconates: the main representants of these materials class. It will be discussed the origin of PL emission in these compounds. In addition, it will be related rare earth ion-doped structural disordered perovskite and PL emission.


Title : CYFRA 21-1 as a Prognostic Marker of Tumor Response to Radiation Alone or Combined With Chemotherapy in Patients With Carcinoma of Larynx or Hypopharynx

Authors : J. Mrochem-Kwarciak, T. Rutkowski, K. Składowski, A. Wygoda, R. Deja, A. Hajduk, P. Widłak

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Despite of relatively high rate of complete tumor responses after radiotherapy (RT) alone or in combination with chemotherapy (ChRT), locoregional relapse is a major reason of failure for patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNC). If treatment failure is diagnosed early, salvage therapy could be possible. Such diagnosis is difficult due to the lack of early prognostic markers for discrimination between residual tumor and treatment-related changes shortly after treatment. The aim of the study was to evaluate clinical value of CYFRA 21-1 as a potential marker of early failure of radiotherapy in patients with laryngeal (LXC) or hypopharyngeal (HPC) cancer. Material and methods: Consecutive 93 patients with LXC (73%) and HPC (27%) were treated between 2009 and 2011 by RT alone (63%), or ChRT (37%). CYFRA 21-1 was estimated before (CYFRA 21-11) and at the end (CYFRA 21-12) of the treatment. Results: CYFRA 21-11 correlated with T and N stages. Median CYFRA 21-12 in patients with partial and with complete remission was 2.33 ng/ml, and 1.65 ng/ml, respectively (p=0.0001). Statistically significant differences in 3-year LRC (82% vs. 42%) and OS (57% vs. 40%) were observed between patients groups with CYFRA 21-12 <2 ng/ml and ≥ 2 ng/ml, respectively. In multivariate analysis CYFRA 21-12 remained significant prognostic factor for LRC (p=0,0003) and OS (p=0.01). Conclusions: CYFRA 21-1 assessed at the end of the RT or ChRT seems to be a prognostic marker for tumor response. Probability of persistent tumor is markedly higher in LXC and HPC patients with CYFRA 21-1 ≥ 2 ng/ml instantly after treatment.


Title : A Comparison of Modifications Induced by Heat-Treatment and γ-Irradiation in Spectroscopic Properties of Silica-Gel Thin Film Doped with Nd2O3

Authors : S. Bahammam, S. Abd El All, F. M. Ezz-Eldin

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Thin SiO2 silica-gel film doped with 1mol.% Nd3+ ions has been synthesized using tetraethyl-orthosilicate (TEOS) and neodymium nitrate as precursor sources of silica and neodymium oxides. The amorphous nature of gel glasses has been confirmed by XRD spectra. XRD investigation shows that both low (500oC) and high (1150oC) heat-treated samples to be amorphous indicating that the Nd ions are incorporated in the SiO2 network. Both temperature and γ-radiation-dependent spectroscopic properties of Nd3+ ions in silicate glass were studied. As the temperature increases, the optical absorption (O.A.) intensity of Nd2+ increases sharply. However transmission% (T%)  decreases sharply except at maximal temperature (1150oC) where it is completely increased. Optical absorption spectra (UV-vis) of the samples before and after γ- irradiation show generation of new broad band below 500 nm (390–458nm) along with dips in the spectrum at the location of main Nd3+ absorption lines at maximal heat-treatment temperature (1150oC). This is attributed to the generation of different types of defects in the glass matrix along with possibility of change in the valence state of Nd3+ to Nd2+. The behavior of both O.A. and T% spectra of the irradiated samples designates a strong dependence with gamma radiation doses, where the magnetic dipole transition 5D0→7F1 of the Nd3+ ions presents huge defects for irradiation doses up to 18 kGy. FTIR absorption spectra of these glasses are found to be dominated mainly by the characteristics silicate groups and water (OH) present in the glass network. The effects of temperature on IR absorption are observed in the form of bond breaking and possible re-arrangement of bonding. However, γ- irradiation produces minor effect on the IR spectra which can be related to the shielding behavior of the glass. The generation and bleaching of irradiated sol gel glass were found to permit the creation and reduction of the larger part of Nd3+ or Nd2+ ions respectively in the glass. This study also shows the usefulness of this sol-gel glass as yes or no dischargeable irradiation detector, due to the remarkable color change after irradiation, which persists for a long time (up to 20 days).


Title : Effects of Lanthanum on Citrus Plant

Authors : Christian Turra, Elisabete A. De Nadai Fernandes, Marcio Arruda Bacchi, Gabriel Adrian Sarries, Fernando Barbosa Junior, Andre Luis Teixeira Creste, Andres Enrique Lai Reyes

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This work focuses on the study of the effect of lanthanum application on Rangpur lime (Citrus limonia Osbeck). The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse. Four different doses of lanthanum chloride heptahydrate (50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, 400 mg) per citrus plants were applied ninety-eight days after the sowing. The plants were collected three weeks following the application of the lanthanum chloride the plants. The optimal dose was 50 mg. The results showed that the citrus plant physiology changed with the application of lanthanum, i.e., depending on the dose, there is a beneficial or a harmful effect on the growth.


Title : Blueberry Bioactive Properties and Their Benefits for Health: A Review

Authors : Angelica Markus Nicoletti, Marcia Arocha Gularte, Moacir Cardoso Elias, Magda Santos dos Santos, Bianca Pio Avila, Jander Luis Fernandes Monks, William Peres

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Research intended to elucidate the biochemical role of dietary antioxidant bioactive substances, such as blueberry constituents, particularly anthocyanins, associated with their functional properties, has been conducted. The purpose was to identify the effect of these substances on specific biomarkers and the biological occurrence of these correlations, by reducing the risk of developing degenerative diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, cancer, coronary heart disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and obesity. In view of the above, the aim with this literature review was to gather information about the antioxidant bioactive substances from blueberries, showing how they acted to their antioxidant power, in relation to reducing the risk of developing degenerative chronic diseases. These substances were observed as significant variations of the bioactive composition in the blueberries, influenced by soil and climate conditions. Blueberries, through the biological function of their bioactive substances, would have shown positive effects in reducing the risk of developing several non-transferable chronic diseases.


Title : Teachers Perception of Virtual Professional Development in a Randomized Control Trial

Authors : Fuhui Tong, Beverly J. Irby, Rafael Lara-Alecio

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Using qualitative survey response data from 75 third grade bilingual teachers in a randomized control trial (RCT), we examined teachers’ perceptions towards the project’s virtual professional development (VPD) component. We were interested in the teachers’ perceptions as it relates to the potential to take PD to a broader audience across geographic regions (scalability). Through the progression from the original RCT in one school district with face-face PD to a validation RCT in seven school districts across three geographic regions with VPD, it was found that teachers were overwhelmingly positive toward such type of training, and VPD is a gateway to increasing the scalability of strategies presented in the online setting.