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Volume 1 Issue 4

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Title : Calculus and Materials for Stirling Engines Bolter and Regenator

Authors : Traian Florea, Traian Vasile Florea, Catalin Oita

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The performances of the Stirling engine are affected by the convection coefficient and the “X” factor and not only by the variation of the gas quantity from the cylinder with the medium pressure variation. The convection factor indicates that a sensibility study concerning the characteristic parameters is mandatory.


Title : Manufacturing Vineyard Machinery for Small Business Grape Growers

Authors : Antonio Odair Santos, Claudio Alves Moreira

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In the viticulture of Latin America, the shortage of manpower and the current competition with new markets, require the automation of the processes for vine handling for the sustainability of the activity. Therefore, it is necessary to seek capability towards a correct mechanization based on local conditions of plant, soil and social profile of grape growers. With this need in mind, a study was conducted in Jundiaí (Sao Paulo), Brasil, between 2010 and 2013. It aimed to develop a grape pruner for application in a small to mid-range vineyard. Results suggested a low cost and low weight prototype of lateral coupling pruner, adequate to be attached to a low power tractor.


Title : Social Network A New Perspective in Mathematical Epidemiology

Authors : V. R. Pravitha, K. R. Kumar

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In this paper we introduce a modified mathematical model to represent spread of disease, which adheres to the structure and dynamics of social network.  We also discuss the importance and effectiveness of social network based study in the prediction and control of epidemics.



Title : Association Between 5-HTTLPR Gen Polymorphisms of Serotonin Transporter Gene and Threating Life Events in Undergraduate Students

Authors : Meltem Maraş Atabay, Zehra Safi oz, Elvan Kurtman

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A functional polymorphism in the promoter region of the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR) has been a highly suspect genetic marker for personality. In this study, a functional polymorphism in the promoter region of the serotonin transporter gene was used to characterize genetic vulnerability to negative life events in a representative nonclinical undergraduate students. We observed 9-repeat allele,  10 repeat allele and 12 repeat allele for VNTR polymorphism of this gene.  A number of genetic variants moderates the effects of environmental risk. Frequencies of short (s/s) and long alleles (l/l and l/s/) of 5-HTTLPR were found as mean: 17% and mean: 83%.  Short allele (“s”) in the 5-HTTLPR gene was significantly associated with environmental experiences of these students.  The study suggests a gene–environment interaction whereby biological determinants of attachment disorganization are moderated by social experiences. We determined that the interaction reached a higher level of significance when the threating life events effect on depression in (s/s) genotype carriers was compared with the other two genotypes combined (l/l or l/s). The 5-HTTLPR  gene can interact with environmental conditions. There is the relation between learning perceptual style and 5-HTTLPR  gene polymorphism.


Title : Critical Review of Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training: An Adapting Curve for Teachers and Learners by Ly Thi Tran and Understanding VET Teachers Challenges in Providing Quality Education to International Students by Sonal Nakar

Authors : Ahabab Chowdhury

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Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia has experienced a strong growth in international student enrolments since 1997. A study carried out by Australian Education International (AEI) showed that in 2009 there were approximately 73,100 international student enrolments in the VET sector (AEI 2010). However, Bruce Baird’s review (AEI 2010) points out that alongside the strong international student enrolment growth in the VET sector, the quality education outcome at VET providers has been in question. Nayak and Venkatraman (2010, p. 5) indicate that VET curriculums are not specifically tailored to the learning needs of international students. On this point, Marginson and Eijkman (2007) underscore the need to develop internationalised curricula to acknowledge the divergent learning needs of international students within the Australian VET context. Guthrie (2008) argues that the learning and assessment processes of the Competency-Based-Training and Assessment (CBTA) simply immersed in compliant context that in fact hindered the adoption of the international VET curriculum. Given the myriad issues associated with the management of the learning and assessment of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, it is crucial that VET teachers have sufficient confidence and willingness to confront the complex issues associated with managing international students. With these issues in mind, this paper reviews two research articles that deal with the growing trend of international pedagogy following the Australian VET framework and the challenges faced by the VET teachers in responding to the learning needs and expectations of international students in vocational education.


Title : Structure Quasi-PO-ternary in Po-Ternary Semirings

Authors : Dr. D. MadhusudhanaRao, P. Siva Prasad, G. Srinivasa Rao

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In this paper we introduce the definitions related to quasi-PO-ternary ideals and Bi-PO-ternary ideals in PO-ternary semirings and we study the relation between quasi-PO-ternary ideals and Bi-PO-ternary ideals in PO-ternary semirings.


Title : Evaluation of the Fast Freezing Method in Cryopreservation of Human Ovarian Tissue for Oocyte Viability

Authors : Chrysostomos D. Anastasilakis, George Β. Maroulis, Nikoleta Koutlaki-Kourti , Vasileios Limperis , Nikolaos E. Papadopoulos , Maria K. Papaioannou ,Grigorios T. Sakellariou ,Athina Gkiomisi

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The evaluation of the fast freezing method as an option for fertility maintenance, after long-term human ovarian tissue cryopreservation. Samples were obtained from premenopausal women, who have had children, who were undergoing gynecologic surgery. The samples were cryopreserved for six years. Subsequently, were thawed and examined for the presence of oocytes and were immunohistochemically evaluated. Only 10% of the samples showed the presence of oocytes. That was not associated with age, body mass index, age at first birth or the number of offsprings, the underlying disorder or the side of the ovary removed.


Title : A New Concept for Evaluation of Long-Term Medication Effects on Gait Parameters

Authors : Schmid Oskar A., Than Peter

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To have no side effects of medication is essential for the acceptance by the patient. Therefore the evaluation of possible side-effects of medication is an important part in drug development or after launch evaluations. But also on the primary effect, especially in pain killers, must be focused.

Most of the methods are invasive or painful, like the CO2-Inflation into to nose to measure the cortex activity after pain killer application.

A common side effect of drugs, especially pain killers, is the negative alteration of the gait in patients due to inconstancy or even falls due to side effects. Therefore the evaluation of the effects of drugs on gait parameters is of importance.

Different drug application, e.g. neuropathic pain killers, opioids or Cox-2-inhibitors, may have different effects on the gait parameters.

The new concept consists of noninvasive parameters which could be accomplished in different environments and with low side costs. The gait of the person to be evaluated is monitored by the system. The gait analysis consists of a walkway or treadmill in order to measure the velocity of gait. The other parameters are conducted by EMG of different leg muscles and a pressure distribution measurement.

The present pilot study evaluates for the first time the long-term effect of a Cox-2 Inhibitor (Celecoxib 200mg, once a day) on the gait parameters during 4 weeks of application. The patients suffered from pain during walking or standing in one hip unilaterally. The gait velocity increased by 0.66km/h (SD 0,52) or 25.4% from baseline to the 4 weeks measurement. Effects on the EMG patters and the pressure distribution were seen in the pilot study, but numbers of patients were too few for a real statistically relevant effect. The new concept shows that the less cost effective parameter of gait velocity is a good parameter to show effects on gait. But the further parameters of pressure distribution and EMG may show in larger numbers of investigated patients more difficile effects of brain affecting drugs.


Title : Noise and Delay Induced on Dynamics of the Aeroelasticity Model

Authors : Zaitang Huang

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the stochastic bifurcation and stability problem of the Aeroelasticit-y of two-dimensional supersonic lifting surfaces with delay term. Applying Hopf bifurcation theory, Lyapunov exponent and invariant measure theory, we analyze the D- and P-bifurcation of the stochastic system. The analysis is based on the reduction of the infinite-dimensional problem to one described on a two-dimensional stochastic center manifold


Title : Green Marketing : A Study of Emerging Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Scenario

Authors : M. K. Sharma,Neha Pandey,Rubina Sajid

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Green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities including product modification, changes in the production process, sustainable packaging as well as modifying advertising campaigns. The paper is an attempt to provide a platform to understand the awareness level, their perception, the parameters considered for buying the green products. We need to utilize the resources economically so that it does not cause any harm to the environment. Green marketing practices are required for existence of the human race. It may take a long time to accomplish this task but it will certainly be very profitable. The product, price, place and promotion are the key components which should be modified or some variance need to be offered in the marketing mix elements, so as to form reduced waste and improve energy efficiency to encourage green marketing. In present scenario, there is a dire necessity to educate and create awareness among the consumers about the green environment.  The responsibility lies with the corporates also as Corporate Social Responsibility, so as to make the youth aware about the environmental hazards. This may not happen immediately, but it will be a gradual process. Today the young consumers are more concerned about keeping the environment safe. They want to reduce the ill impact of usage of services and product that may harm the environment. This research paper aims to shed the light on the very much talked about topic, Green Marketing.


Title : The Viability of Narration in Nabokov’s Lolita

Authors : Kaushal Kishore Sharma

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Both famous and infamous Lolita remains the most important work of Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov. Regarded as one of the finest achievements of twentieth century Lolita has attained the status of classic. Amidst kaleidoscopic themes including prison, psychiatry, culture and narration it’s the last one which serves the food for thought in the present research paper.

The  quandary  of Humbert’s narration in Lolita has been discussed and debated  by critics and scholars  ever since its  publication in 1955.An inherent abundance of lengthy redolent passages about young girls incited more than a few to wonder whether Nabokov shared some of Humbert’s  obsession. In order to face such allegations Nabokov added an afterword to the American edition, “On a book entitled Lolita”, attempting to clear up several misconceptions about the book. He plainly states that he does not share Humbert’s morals and disagrees with him on several other subjects (315). Pifer notes that despite this statement many critics were still not convinced. They claimed that Nabokov’s praise of “aesthetic bliss” in fiction shows that the style of Lolita encourages the reader to sympathize with Humbert rather than Lolita. Pifer argues that these critics have missed the many signals, embedded in the discourse, with the purpose of having the reader break identification with the narrator (186).