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Volume 1 Issue 2

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Title : Effects of Advertisements on Children with Special Reference to Confectionary Products in India

Authors : Naveen Rana

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Advertising to children is the act of marketing or advertising products or services to children, as defined by national legislation and advertising standards. Advertising to children is often the subject of debate, relating to the alleged influence on children’s consumption. Rules on advertising to children have largely evolved in recent years. Positive effects like convincing ads which concentrate on healthy food products can help to improve the diet of a child if they are attractive enough. There is a negative effect of Advertisement on kids. Advertisements encourage the children to persuade their parents to purchase the products shown in the commercials, whether useful or not. The little ones tend to get adamant, if they are not bought the product.The personal preferences in clothing, toys, food and luxurious of children are altered by the advertisements, to a great extent inducing an indifferent type of attitude, behaviour and lifestyle. Advertising makes the kids aware of the new products available in the market. It increases their knowledge about the latest innovations, in the field of technology as well as otherwise .On other side advertisements encourage the children to persuade their parents to purchase the products shown in the commercials, whether useful or not. A research study a semi urban area has revealed many positives and negatives which is covered by this paper.


Title : Analysis of Steel Made Leaf Spring using FEA Tool ANSYS

Authors : Mahendra Sharma, Pawan Sharma, Sumit Sharma

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Mathematical and computer modelling have been playing an increasingly important role in the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) process of many products in the last 60 years. Simulation offers great advantages in the development and analysis phase of products and offers a faster, better and more cost effective way than using physical prototypes alone. This paper analyses the mechanics characteristic of a composite leaf spring made from glass fibre reinforced plastics using the ANSYS software. Considering interleaf contact, the stress distribution and deformation are obtained. Taking the single spring as an example, comparison between the performance of the GFRP and the steel spring is presented. The comparison results show that the composite spring has lower stresses and much lower weight. Then the automotive dead weight is reduced observably.


Title : A Review Paper on Water Resource Management

Authors : Mamta Parwal

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Water is a key driver of economic and social development while it also has a basic function in maintaining the integrity of the natural environment. The paper argues for the need to rethink content and strategy of these initiatives so that the aspirations of the local community and its member fulfilled in a way that buffers the interests and efforts. In this paper we review the concepts of experts for water resource, recently monitored traditional methods and water resource funding allocations. We also concerned about the women’s who are disproportionality affected due to lack of water and guidelines regarding natural water resources policy.


Title : Non Binary Low Density Parity Check Codes Decoding Over Galois Field

Authors : Yogita Ahuja, Ramesh Bharti

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Conventional LDPC codes have a low decoding complexity but may have high encoding complexity. The encoding complexity is typically of the order O(n2)[5]. Also high storage space may be required to explicitly store the generator matrix. For long block  lengths the storage space required would be huge. The above factors make the implementation of the Conventional LDPC codes less attractive.

These codes are usually decoded using the sum-product algorithm, which is a  message passing algorithm working on the Tanner graph of the code[5]. The sparseness of the parity check matrix is essential for attaining good performance with sum-product decoding. The time complexity of the sum- product algorithm is linear in code length. This property makes it possible to implement a practical decoder for long lengths. 


Title : Automatic Irrigation System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : Gaurav Soni, Navdeep Singh

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Wireless sensor networks have become an important tool for modern growers. Sensors provide the ability to monitor conditions from the farm-level down to individual plants. Such sensors include ambient temperature, humidity, soil water content, irrigation pressure, applied water volume, and fertilizer concentration. Commercially-available wireless sensor networks for agriculture have until recently focused on sensor monitoring, but not control. Growers using these systems have a wealth of crop information from sensors, but must implement control decisions using traditional means such as stand-alone irrigation controllers or manual labor. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) find wide applications in environmental monitoring. MAC protocols play a vital role in controlling the energy consumption in a WSN. It tells the network when and how to access the medium. Time Division Multiple Accesses (TDMAs) are well suited for these real time applications. Because it prevents radio interference, and reduces energy consumptions. In this paper we reviewed the Basic Architecture of Automatic irrigation system using of WSN and some applications of WSN.


Title : Analysis of Future Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Networks- EPON and WiMAX

Authors : Gaurav Soni, Navdeep Singh

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Hybrid Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) networks become rapidly mature and represent a promising candidate for reducing power consumption, costs, and bandwidth bottlenecks of next-generation broadband access networks. Two key FiWi technologies with similar design goals are Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) and WiMAX. Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) broadband access network is a promising ‘‘last mile’’ access technology, because it integrates wireless and optical access technologies in terms of their respective merits, such as high capacity and stable transmission from optical access technology, and easy deployment and flexibility from wireless access technology. Since FiWi is expected to carry a large amount of traffic, numerous traffic flows may be interrupted by the failure of network components. In this paper, we discuss the FiWi technology for future internet.


Title : The Identity of Exile; An Epiphany of Escape, Endurance and Ecstasy

Authors : Kaushal Kishore Sharma

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Whether imposed by self or society displacement, breeds catastrophe including agony, nostalgia and flashback of something or someone indispensable and irrevocable. Nevertheless, the same factor often serves as the touchstone for the writers who touch zenith in the changed environment, indicating that perhaps the same sublimity might have remained unimagined had the shift in any form of exile may have not hovered their lives. John Simpson in The Oxford Book of Exile writes that exile “is the human condition; and the great upheavals of history have merely added physical expression to an inner fact”. The same finds expression in many works from Sigmund Freud  to Salman Rushdie and from W.H. Auden to Nabokov, of which the last one has revolutionized the ramifications of the term Exile to a great extent. Influence of exile, both shocking and liberating, encompasses the oeuvre as well as the writer and leaves writing as to be the only means to acquire a temporary relief from the continuous haunt of reminiscences, thus resulting in exile literature. Accepting and analyzing many exiles, both internal and external, writers and other artists endure the enigma of self identity in the alien world. Ever struggling and ever loosing either to escape or to endure from the exile these great writers find expression of hope via means of writing that is perhaps the only source replacing the void with ecstasy in their life