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Best Article Award


The Editorial Board has decided to give a special award to the author(s) of the best paper of each issue and volume published in IJNTR. The best paper of an issue will be chosen by Chief Editor based on the reviewers’ recommendations and feedback within a week of subsequent issue. The corresponding author of the best paper of an issue will be entitled to get a certificate from the editorial board.

Paper excellence is measured using a system of four quality standards:(1) the paper is scientifically or technically new, innovative or is a constructive review; (2) has clear presentation in writing, organization, graphics and format, and has professional integrity; (3) has clear industrial application; and (4) has long-term value.

Benefits to Authors

(1)Author(s) of the selected article to be provided half relaxation in publication charge for his/her next article 
(2)Selected Author(s) details will be updated on last date of every month.

Best Article Volume 1 Issue 1 May 2015
The Insider Threats
First Author- Marwan Albahar
Paper ID- 

Best Article Volume 1 Issue 2 June 2015
Analysis of Steel Made Leaf Spring using FEA Tool ANSYS
First Author- Mahendra Sharma
Pawan Sharma, Sumit Sharma

Paper ID- IJNTR01020006

Best Article Volume 1 Issue 3 July 2015
Antioxidant Activity and Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents of
 30 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Located in the South of Morocco

First Author- Ridouane El Guiche
Co-Author- Saida Tahrouch, Oukacha Amri, Khadija El Mehrach, Abdelhakim Hatimie

Paper ID- IJNTR01030017

Best Article Volume 1 Issue 4 August 2015
Association Between 5-HTTLPR Gen Polymorphisms of Serotonin Transporter Gene and Threating Life Events in Undergraduate Students.
First Author- Meltem Maraş Atabay
Co-Author- Zehra Safi oz, Elvan Kurtman
Paper ID- IJNTR01040024

Best Article Volume 1 Issue 5 September 2015
Relativistic Alpha Field Theory 
First Author- Branko M. Novakovic
Paper ID- IJNTR01050015 IJNTR01050016 IJNTR01050017


Best Article Volume 1 Issue 6 October 2015
Estimation of The Relationship Between The Travel Time of Flood Peaks and Peak Discharge on The Poprad River by Multilinear Flood Routing.
First Author- Michaela Danacova
Co-Author- Jan Szolgay, Roman Vyleta
Paper ID- IJNTR01060021

Best Article Volume 1 Issue 7 November 2015
Is Positive Gravitational Force Source of Dark Energy?
First Author- Branko M. Novakovic
Paper ID- IJNTR01070005